So here I am…

First posts are always a little awkward. Not as awkward for me as say a first date, but a little strange nonetheless. I’ve blogged in the past for advocacy issues, and then a personal update style blog geared just toward family & friends, and then finally, as life got turned upside down, I stopped it all. I maintained my online presence by way of Facebook & Twitter. I truly love Twitter. It’s all the information I want and need, it’s quick, I have friends with whom I only communicate with via Twitter; it just works that way. I’ve also on occasion met some new and really wonderful people on there.

From Twitter, I got into Tumblr. That’s just a fun stream-of-conscious image dump for me. I’m very visual, I rather love expressing myself in pictures, even better with funny animated gifs. It’s where I go late at night or mid-day for a little break. I also happen to post what I see here. Disclaimer: it’s not my finest work, simply snaps I take from my iPhone, on occasion my art or real photographs. It’s just the view from my world, and I rather like it.

Lately, I’ve been doing some work for a writer. I’m going to be meeting a lot in the industry–writers, illustrators, agents, and so on. I figured it’d be best to polish off the rust that’s accumulated on my writing skills. So here I am. This blog will be random, which is probably the best representation of me. I’ll let you in on a little secret: my blog name is a play on my initials. I’m not actually running from the law (not that I’d ever admit that if I was…haha). I do however venture here, there, and everywhere. So, that’s what this is here for. Me and my mild to wild adventures. I haven’t decided yet to what extent I will indulge in my personal life on my blog. Since I’ll be writing about my life & opinions, obviously bits and pieces of my personal life will come through no matter what. I’d prefer this place to be for me, the individual.

Well, as uncomfortable as this was, it could have been worse.