(I Hope) To Be An Explorer Of The World

Portable Life MuseumLet me start by saying, I love Keri Smith & her books. I first discovered them a couple of years back and in that time, they’ve been a staple for me when I need to buy a gift. They bring back a bit of play and wonder into our lives. Keri and her books dare you to think different, to act out in ways you may not have, and to do things you’ve never done. I don’t yet own this particular book of hers (it’s the only one not in my house), but it is on my list of ones to purchase. It just so happens to sum up my goal with this blog quite well.

I won’t be traveling non-stop, or going on amazing, blog-worthy adventures every day, but I am an explorer of the world. I want to do more and be more. I will share that all here. I suppose given my odd life circumstances (more on that later), I do get out and do more than one might think. And I’ve bigger plans in store for the coming months.

In the last few years, it’s become clearer to me that things are not what counts, it is experiences. So, I try hard to not waste my money on anything. I choose going somewhere over buying a something. It’s quite easy once you have that mindset. The money thrown away on a $20 knickknack here or $50 what-have-you there adds up quickly when it’s staying in your pocket instead. And there’s plenty for free out there as well! My experience thus far has been make some little changes, get big results.

There are certain gifts that have been given to me, art, and other things that do have meaning and are invaluable to me. I’m not saying that’s all things are pointless. Not at all. But I do know, if I had to give up every item in my possession today, I’d be okay with that so long as I had the people I care about with me. It’s the memories in my head that make me smile most. I’m filled with moments and memories. That is what counts, it’s what makes me content. I want more of them, I want more hugs, more kisses, more giggles, more cuddles, more oohs and aahs, more experiences, more adventures. I want to give my time to others and build memories with them more than anything else. So here’s to passion, adventures, and being an explorer of the world!