My First Time

I went for my first motorcycle ride yesterday. It was a crisp and sunny day, we rode around northern New Jersey and it was beautiful. When the ride first began, I’ll admit I was a bit nervous, but I trusted my friend who was driving. I quickly learned to give up all control and just move along with him as he drove the bike. As someone who desires to be in control of moving vehicles most of the time and who tends to be a bit stubborn, it was a lesson in trust and in letting go. It is every bit true, those who say riding is motorcycle is the definition of freedom. I loved it.

As we rode, this song was stuck in my head (which, of course could have been from a result of seeing Gogol Bordello the night before for New Year’s) and it was beautiful:


A stop at Whole Foods for some soup and warm sandwiches to warm up was perfect. We’d have driven around all day if I didn’t have obligations to get to. Such is life.

Me, on the bike months before my first ride