On Hibernating, Clowns, and Photographs

I haven’t hibernated. Although with the colder temperatures and winds lately here in the tri-state area, it’s something I have considered! I find myself busy with some freelance work that involves writing and editing, that at the end of the day (aka 2 a.m.) the last thing I want to do is type. I haven’t read a book for pleasure in so long it’s almost pathetic.  I’m in transition mode and sorting out my schedule. Until I’m settled, things will be a bit crazy and posts here will be erratic.

 On a completely unrelated note, I saw this van at a stoplight once in Texas. I don’t like clowns. So naturally, I took a picture of it. That’s what I do. Sure, I take pictures of memorable times, the holidays, kids doing cute things, etc. However, if you were to browse my phone right now, you’d see more of a jumble of odd pictures. There’d be nature shots, bottle caps, buildings, everything and nothing. I tend to prefer to only take a shot or two at an event, say something special with family. You have to take at least a couple photos, right? But the rest of the time, I prefer to be a participant. I’d rather have the memories in my head for as long as my brain keeps them.

So I pull out my phone (or camera, if I happen to have mine handy) when anything interests me. Or reminds me of someone (If you’re my friend, chances are you’ve received a text or email with a photo attached of something that made me think of you or I knew you’d appreciate.). Or humors me. Or confuses me. Or in this case, creeps me out. I can’t imagine what someone would think if they found my phone, or saw any of my folders of images. What would they think? Would they possibly be able to piece together a story about me by those pictures alone? If so, would it be at all accurate?

While I ponder that, and everything else in the world, I will continue to write here. Little by little, all that I want to get out will get there. In the meantime, come find me on Twitter or Tumblr.