Month: April 2012

I’m back…

And I’m here, for real this time. I’m quite certain of it.  One of my previous gigs, which revolved around a lot of blog-work is now over.  So, I not only have a bit of extra time on my hands (you know, when I’m not running in a million different directions, as life often has me going…) and I’m not spending much of my hours reading, writing, etc.  It is less appealing to blog, even if it’s for your personal benefit or use, when your work revolves around a blog.

My job ending, combined with a fabulous weekend in Amherst, Mass. has re-ignited my desire to keep notes along the way.  I had never been to that part of Massachusetts, though I’ve loved the Boston area since I first visited back in my middle school years.  Amherst and the surrounding area is quite gorgeous.  It was a quick trip, we headed up Friday night and were back home in the tri-state area by Sunday night.

Saturday had us meeting these two adorable lambs, among some very fun & fascinating activities.  I wanted to take one home, but sadly, we didn’t have room in the car.

On Sunday, it was off to Atkins Farms Country Market for one of the most amazing donuts I’ve ever consumed. How I didn’t get a picture of it is beyond me.  It’s clearly a sign I must return soon, and also check out the rest of the market (it is amazing!).  The donut was a peanut butter and jelly one, and my mouth is now watering just thinking of it.  After Atkins, it was off to the Eric Carle Museum.  It was very interesting to learn more about Eric Carle and his technique.  He also happens to be one of my fellow travelers’ favorite authors/illustrators.  There was an exhibit by Kadir Nelson as well, his work is just breathtaking.  Here’s the red elephant at the museum.

We journeyed back home in the rain.  But it was a peaceful and pleasant ride.  This is as we headed over the Tappan Zee Bridge.  I look forward to more adventures ahead.