Social media

Social media is such an interesting thing to me. Whether it be Facebook, where I maintain contact with family and old friends or the looser, more fun outlets like Twitter and Tumblr, I’m enthralled by it all. Through the latter, I’ve met others and also have kept in touch with people I’ve been friends with IRL for a while. Tumblr serves two purposes for me, on my “funblr,” I post silly stuff, things I like, things I’m passionate about, sometimes a stream-of-conciencse via gifs way to express myself. It’s my emotional dumping ground, I suppose. A lazy girl’s diary. On my other Tumblr, it’s an easy way for me to share my photos and art, and also to get to know other artists.

Twitter has done the same–introducing me to people and places in the arts field. I’v e learned of new jobs and other work-related assistance on it. Best of all, I’ve met some really awesome people. Strange to say it, but a handful of them have become great friends to me. And we’ve never even met face to face. That’s the insanity of our modern world. You are longer stuck to try and fit in and be friends with those in your zip code. I’ve found people to connect with, all over the world even. It’s definitely the gift of social media. I find it a bigger benefit than the negatives that can come along with our lives being displayed on the Internet.