The Best Week Ever…??

Last week was my best week ever…on Twitter! I figured I’d start with a lighthearted post, just to get warmed up.

So yes, last week was an awesome week on Twitter. I have more to say on the matter of Twitter and Tumblr, but that’s for a later time.  So my BWE on Twitter started with a (not really legit, despite the hashtag!) proposal:

Later that day, a tweet from Dan Harmon (yes, THAT Dan Harmon) came my way. I was squealing all over the internet…

And then a couple days later, came a wonderful improv of my favorite Doctor Who episode with a new friend (it went on for over two hours, I was delighted):


I thank all these great people, some who I know thanks to the internet, some who I know of thanks to television and movies, some who I’ve only just met. They gave me extra smiles this week, and that is always welcome. What does this week hold for me?


*I kept all tweets & their names, since all of these tweets are public.