After Sandy

It’s been over a week since Sandy hit New Jersey and New York. I’ve still yet to see most of the footage from the destruction, partially on purpose. I lost power for a week following the storm. I did manage to see some stills of the Jersey Shore a few days after, as well as some pictures of New York City flooding via Twitter. In the past couple of days, I have seen video of the shore and various parts of New York that were hit. It’s really unbelievable. I’ve spent summers going to the Jersey Shore since I was too young to even remember. From LBI to Point Pleasant, I’ve spent so much time along the NJ shoreline. It’s sad to hear and see that so much of it is gone. As the days go on, I hear of friends whose family members lost their homes, swept away by the surge. I have friends who are having to gut their homes and have lost most of their possessions. The heart-break continues for so many. Yesterday’s winter storm only caused more damage, more power outages, and more headaches. The demands and needs of many increases with each passing day.

I was extremely lucky. We had several trees go down and the yard is a mess. However, and I’m not quite sure how, there appears to be no damage to our house (and certainly the cars are fine). While we did lose power, and cold temperatures forced us to leave, we now have heat and light again. Some of my friends in the area, and many in my state are still without. There is a lot of work to be done. Now that my home is back up and running, and slowly schedules are getting back to normal, I am looking to donate items and volunteer time to help the countless others who were nowhere near as fortunate at me.

Power crews from all over the country are helping out, even in my small town. Their numbers are impressive, and their time and help greatly appreciated.

While the Red Cross and other well-known organizations are doing great jobs, there are plenty of grassroots groups (like this one) that seem to be really making a difference. They have the benefit of a lot less red tape, and seem to be getting to the people much quicker. I hope everyone who is able, whether it’s to write a check, deliver diapers, or spend an afternoon working, will help this cause.