Parents & Evacuating

I’ve seen report after report about parents who chose not to evacuate their homes prior to Sandy (and in other storms, this is not a new trend). I feel if you are a parent, you owe it to your child to keep them safe and protected. If the authorities are telling you that you are under a mandatory evacuation, you have no choice but to take your child to safe place until you receive the all-clear. If one parent wants to stay with the house, fine. But those kids deserve to be out of that situation. Too many have died because their parents chose possessions over lives. That sounds cruel, but that is ultimately what it comes down to.

People right now are making their young children stay in homes without power, while temperatures drop to freezing. That is not right, nor does it make any sense.

I spent four days without power with my two children. By the third night, I started to feel unsafe. Here we were in a dark house, no phone, no power, no way to connect if someone broke into the house or some other emergency occurred. Not to mention, the nights were steadily getting colder. Little by little, my neighbors were leaving the area. I live in a safe town, but still, when situations get stressful, people get desperate. By last Friday, there were plenty of reports of thefts and crimes occurring, some in my town, others in neighboring ones. Gas lines were terribly long, it became clear to me that this area was no longer a safe place for us. I was lucky enough to have an invitation to stay in Philadelphia, for as long as I needed. I packed my family up and we left on Friday afternoon.

I would never choose pride, or to protect things, over the safety of my children. I have more perspective on life and children than most maybe, I’ve seen my young one attached to tubes and wires in the PICU. I get that. Still, I urge any parent out there, to just think twice before another child loses their life, simply because their mom or dad wanted to “wait it out.” You can replace your televisions, stereos, homes, no life is worth any of that stuff.