Attn: my fellow ladies

Bashing women for wanting or choosing to have children does nothing for any of us and you just end up sounding full of self-hate. I find it utterly ridiculous to talk down to those who are, oh I don’t know, allowing our civilization to continue on. Small thing, really.

You don’t want kids? Fine. Does continually saying “parents are idiots” and “kids are annoying” and the like make you feel better? If so, what the hell about? It just infuriates me and I hear it all too often. This hatred toward one another is abundant on social media, and it’s a disappointment to me. We could be using our online presence to bring awareness to real women’s issues. Quit judging and disrespecting one another and instead fight for choice and equality FOR ALL OF US.

Makes me sad that so often, we are our own worst enemies.


*This was a series of tweets that I turned into a post on my Tumblr. I find lately many fellow women (in the 20’s-30’s age range) make many a public statement against children, “breeders,” and motherhood itself. It’s something that has grown so tiresome, I finally had to vent. I am a firm believer in letting others have choice and freedom in their life, and talking down to someone simply because they choose a different path than ourselves is hurtful and a waste of time. I’ll be writing again on this topic again, I’m sure.