We’re not living on the moon…

…but I can have an online-date for five hours with my boyfriend, and that makes the future, the now, pretty rad. My boyfriend lives in New York, I’m in New Jersey. We’re usually able to see each other at least once a week. Lately though, due to wonky logistics on my end, this hasn’t happened. Okay, it’s just been over two weeks since I saw him, but you know, I’m rather fond of him and we have a lot of fun together. So, I’d love to spend more of my time with him. Until that’s possible, we’ve been utilizing something I’m fairly new to: Google Hangout. And it’s pretty awesome. And yes, I realize I’m late to this party.

My MacBook missed an OS update or three, and it’s kind of on its last leg so at this point to invest in it is fairly pointless. It’s so out of date, I can’t get Chrome on it! Major geek fail, I know. So while I can Skype on my Mac, I can’t access Google+ or do this nifty Hangout stuff. I first discovered this a month or so ago when the boyfriend (trying to think of a better title for him…) asked me to join him on one so I could meet some of his friends. I quickly realized my Mac couldn’t hack it so I hit up the PC, which I then found out did not have a webcam. WHAT? I did not purchase this computer, and hadn’t used it much until last week. Anyway, I did get to experience the Hangout, without a camera, simply watching them and talking through my special gentleman friend’s phone.

Last week, I did that HuffPost Live thingy, and I had to find and test the webcam we had sitting around. So the night before, The Dude and I had our first official Hangout. I loved it. It was great seeing him, sharing videos, goofing off with the different apps it offers. It was so close to having a real date, it delighted me. We had a second one later in the week, and again it was hours of laughing and chatting and enjoying time together. Finally, a reason for that rush of excitement I felt when I first opened my Google+ account, and how so many of my friends were initially thrilled about all that could be (before it all seemed to fall away and become no man’s land). I love that my manfriend and I have this for times when it’s not possible to be next to one another. I also hope to use this with my friends who live in different states. Perhaps I’ll even be able to get my mom to try it out, I know my kids would love to chat with her in this form. Skype is fine; this is just plain fun and offers so much more. If you haven’t had a Google Hangout yet, go for it. The usefulness of it seems limitless. This makes me happy, to see social media fulfilling its ultimate purpose–to bring people together. It’s tools like this that make me want to give technology the biggest of bear hugs.

So hooray for technology and hooray for geeking out on dates over the Internet! This past week was pretty heavy in the “issues” writing. Sometimes it just happens that way. Smiles to anyone who actually read to here. If you have visited my blog prior to the last week or so, you’ve seen more casual and random posts such as this. I throw them in quite often. Why not? Also, here’s a taste of some of the funny videos (NSFW) we watched during our Hangouts. I took out the political ones, trying to keep this light. Have a laugh! I’m off to wrap some presents and do some work.

(And I promise to come up with one term of endearment for the bahhhfriend and stick with it!)