The Hobbit (An Unexpected Journey, There and Back Again)

The Hobbit Movie

We saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on Saturday. It was a wonderful distraction in light of Friday’s tragedy. Aside from that, I greatly enjoyed the film. We saw it in 3-D IMAX HFR in Manhattan. The theater was specifically chosen so we could see the special nine minute Star Trek trailer (which was awesome!). I didn’t feel motion-sick at all, so I’m not sure what the big fuss was about. Hype, I suppose. My tween really loved the film, she read the book last year. My younger kiddo found the movie too scary and had her eyes covered half the time. I will warn, the movie is far more frightening than the book. The supplemental information and history that Peter Jackson added to it was interesting, and added a nice touch to the book’s content. The dwarves were entertaining, and I felt Martin Freeman was perfect as Bilbo Baggins. Disclaimer: I’m a pretty huge Martin Freeman fan. I think my favorite part was the opening of the movie, it does an incredible job of introducing the story of The Hobbit into the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I look forward to the next installment.

Before seeing the movie, my tween insisted I read the book. I borrowed the book from my daughter earlier this fall and planned to read it. Days passed, she kept asking, and I hadn’t read any. My companion, T.K. (The boyfriend’s official blog identity!), had recently read it and he too was insisting I finish the book before we see the movie. Finally, I read the first chapter, but then put the book aside for a couple of days. My to-do list this time of year seems never-ending; reading for pleasure just wasn’t a priority. I then signed on as a Bookworm on Nerdspan. My first assignment was to review The Hobbit. The pressure was officially on and now reading wasn’t just to pass the time. So I read the first part, and ended up listening to the rest of it (thanks to T.K.!) on Audible. Multi-tasking during the holidays is the only way to get anything done, right? I really enjoyed the book and strongly recommend you read it, whether you’ve seen the movie already or not. Here’s an excerpt from my review.

The Hobbit tells the story of Bilbo Baggins as he travels on the adventure of a lifetime. On his journey, Bilbo discovers a magical ring which holds a far greater significance than the hobbit realizes upon finding it. As he travels, he must out-riddle the cunning and creepy Gollum, battle giant spiders, evil wargs, and Smaug, a terrifying dragon. The “burglar” hobbit witnesses even more epic battles along the way. For one who prefers relaxing at home with a full belly, Bilbo Baggins continually finds himself in the most uncomfortable of situations.

The Hobbit book cover

A quick note: Between out-of-town guests, last-minute holiday preparations, colds and illness around our house, and just life in general, I’ve decided to go lightly here the rest of this week. I’ve much to say, on so many matters. Shocker, eh? I may take a little break over the next two weeks as well, and return in the new year with more commentary of the funny, the sad, the confusing, and whatever else I come across while out here on the lam. See you sooner rather than later, either way. Thanks, LAM