Month: January 2013

“I don’t think racism is an issue anymore…”

I was out to dinner with my older daughter last night when I heard this comment come from behind me. It was a young woman who said it; from further discussion I overheard, she was of college age. She spoke quite loudly, enough for me to hear from several feet away. Interested in her commentary on racism, I listened. My daughter asked, “What are you doing?” “Eavesdropping,” I replied. “But I thought we weren’t supposed to do that.” I smirked, and explained that most of the time it’s not what we should do, but when someone is talking very loudly, and about something that might be questionable, at times it is okay. I’ll stand by that.

The girl continued on, telling her two table mates, her mother and brother I assume, that her school has a black sorority and fraternity. This is when I knew for sure the conversation would take a turn. And it did. She said, “I mean, they seem to always get theirs, when do we get our special stuff?” (more…)


Happy Birthday To Me (a.k.a. cue the quarter-to-midlife crisis!)

I’m setting this to publish at the moment of my birth, one minute after midnight. I came into this world much later than planned. Which, I still point to as my reason for being on the later side of arrivals for many things in my life. I was so stubborn, even as a soon-to-be newborn, I refused to come out on the 8th. In fact, a few years ago my mother and I saw the delivery nurse at the hospital. She remembered me and said “Oh, you! You’re the one who made me re-do all the paperwork because you came out one minute past!” Apparently that’s not something that happens often? So yes, I was late, and then managed to irritate a delivery room nurse. That, combined with the fact I kicked my sister in the ear while in utero (she was sitting on my mother’s lap), makes me win at something surely.

At any rate, it is my birthday. I am feeling old. This day has been creeping up on me for the last couple of months. I will be 35. This age bothers the hell out of me. It sounds old. I have basically been Sally in this part of the movie for the past few weeks. I’m not looking forward to 40 either, trust me. But 35 is stinging nearly as much. I am officially in my mid-thirties, nothing exciting happens to you then, right? (more…)

Now Trending? #CutForBieber

[CN: self-harm, depression]

Edit: It’s now known this was in fact a prank by 4Chan (as Geek Mom supposed), but this HuffPost article explains again why this is no joke. I still have all the same things to say as I did this morning on this matter. Let’s have this discussion, help those in need, and quit making fun of those who self-harm.

This morning while scrolling through my Twitter feed, I saw a few mentions of a trending hashtag, #CutForBieber. The most impactful item I came across was a Geek Mom article. I then looked at the actual tweets related to this hashtag. It was mind-boggling to see kids posting pictures of their bloody, slashed up arms, all for their favorite musician.

This “movement” came in the wake of Justin Bieber allegedly smoking pot, and his fans are disappointed with him. To prove this, and to “make” him stop doing bad things, they are supposedly cutting themselves. And, apparently, they will continue to do so until they feel Bieber is being good once again. As the Geek Mom article points out, this could all be a huge prank to begin with. Either way, it has shown a light on cutting, the public’s view of it, and other issues related to mental health. Even if one teenager cut herself to somehow prove something to a pop singer, then this entire thing, whether a joke or prank, is horribly wrong. I could point out and write about how two wrongs don’t make a right, or how a threat of “I’ll hurt myself if you do or don’t…” is bullshit, but, these are teenagers we’re dealing with. So why bother. They haven’t learned those lessons yet. Still, this hashtag shouldn’t be put on a shelf and labeled as “stupid things kids do.” There’s a bigger issue at hand here. (more…)