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I’ve been avoiding writing this, well some of it (The second part.). That’s not the sole reason for not having written anything here recently. Life has been a bit hectic lately, the normal single-mom-trying-to-rule-the-world stuff combined with attempts to acquire work (The traditional, non-freelance type, more on that another time!) and so on have kept me from feeling any bit creative. I haven’t created art or crafted in so long, and writing, even the stream of consciousness of this blog seemed like too big a task. A couple of weeks ago, TK surprised me with an incredible weekend away for my birthday. I knew nothing of the plans, except I was booked from Friday evening to Sunday night, and to pack something nice to wear for Saturday.

I have a sort of love-hate relationship with surprises. I absolutely love the thrill of not knowing, of what could be, and I get a kick out of the curiosity that blossoms inside me regarding a surprise. But I also fear them. I worry I won’t enjoy myself; for some reason I always fear a surprise for me will involve public speaking. Or that I’ll end up being a public spectacle in some form. I’ll psycho-analzye that one later… So I was delighted to have a surprise weekend to wonder about and yet nervously curious to finally know what it was all about. I must mention, TK had no clue about my feelings on surprises until several hours into my surprise weekend. And, he had asked me in December if I wanted to know some of the plans or have it all be a surprise. I picked having it all be a surprise. It’s way more fun that way, despite everything I just said!

I’ll try to summarize this as best I can, because the weekend leads to something bigger and darker that I do feel the need to discuss. But I don’t want to lessen my birthday and the special time this weekend was. It was so wonderful, beyond that. I don’t quite have the words to describe it entirely. From the big things to the quiet moments, I felt so loved and so special. So much so, I guess part of me wants to selfishly keep it all to myself. I’ll share a bit though, mostly because it’s just another way I can thank TK for his kindness. I’d shout it from a rooftop if I could. Truly, it’s so nice having such a caring individual as my companion.

Friday night began with dinner at my favorite place for falafel in the city, then a subway ride and walk to a bus. We were headed to Philly, which was a total surprise to me. There are details that I won’t divulge, but I will say my expectations for the weekend were far lower than what TK had in fact planned. It’s not to say I thought he wouldn’t plan an exceptional time, I just would have been content with whatever he schemed up. He is the someone to me that I can just do nothing with and feel utterly fulfilled. I never imagined the weekend would be so involved or that it would be filled with one surprise after the next. All of which was just further proof of how this man gets me. He was spot on with everything.

We arrived in Philadelphia and I initially thought we were going to meet up with his mom. So we were walking around the city, I was trying to figure out exactly where she was waiting for us, and next thing I know I’m following TK into a hotel. My eyes lit up, we were staying at the Warwick Hotel. Oh! And it also had a Sleep Number bed. Which, question for anyone who actually owns one–how do you ever get out of bed? That mattress was so comfortable we didn’t ever want to leave it! Now who doesn’t love staying at a hotel? No worries about cleaning up or looking around and thinking of your t0-do list. Hotels are one of the few places I find myself totally unwinding. That was a major gift itself!

We spent Saturday wandering around the city, which is something TK and I have had a knack for since the very first time we hung out. The weather was beautiful all weekend, sunny and in the 50’s. We certainly lucked out! We ended up at a place I love, Magic Gardens, and I dragged TK into Lush and Sephora as well. That night, the surprises continued as we dined at Vedge, where I had the best meal I’ve ever had in my life. Seriously. Whether you are vegan or not, this restaurant is amazing. I could write post after post on each of the dishes we shared that night. It was romantic and the food was superb, I cannot tell you how happily spoiled I felt. We walked around and had some tea after dinner, I still wasn’t sure what our next stop was. We were walking down the street, past theaters and TK pulls me into one. I looked around and realized we were going to see Spamalot! I loved it, laughed the entire time. Our next day was spent walking around South Street. We checked out Atomic City Comics, where I picked up the adorable and hilarious book, Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed by Liz Prince as a thank-you to TK. The book hit home for me, nearly every page reminded me of our wonderfully goofy relationship and the at-times ridiculous and weird bits of it. Those, “man, if anyone else could hear/see us now” parts. I guess it isn’t just us though. We also hit up Repo Records (Yes, an actual record store!) which made me feel young and old all at the same time. We had vegan cheese steaks and eventually a hot pretzel because when in Philly… Best of all, we shared laughs and conversation and time with each other. All around, an amazing weekend. My best birthday yet. I still am in awe of all the thought TK put into my special weekend and what a perfect time it was.

A few shots from my birthday weekend in Philly.

A few shots from my birthday weekend in Philly.


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