The Opposite of Writer’s Block

Contribute - PMG

Contribute – PMG

Do you ever have so much to write about that you can’t write? I have so many things swimming in my head, from this past (and crazy!) week, from my own life, and on a million topics. I haven’t been contributing here much lately, and I hope that’s going to change soon. The last five days have been heavy enough, I’m shying away from tackling any of it for now. At least for the weekend. It’s nice to just take a breath and try to digest everything. I have a couple drafts, nearly finished, that I just can’t seem to hit “Publish” on. Either I feel they’re missing something, or I’m hesitant to share what I have with the world. I never want to hurt anyone. But, given my past, I start to run into times where the stories I want to tell, or even the things I want to write about and contemplate, may involve others. They may not always be received with open arms. So I try to come to terms with being honest, with letting these things out, and not causing waves in my life.

I keep going back to this post again and again. I’m just not sure how to let it  really sink in, and to believe it.