Month: June 2013

At the Movies, Mind Your Popcorn & Your Privilege

I am starting to explore Storify. I didn’t like the way the story appeared when I tried to publish here via their site. I will play with it more later in the coming weeks. So, for now, please read my story here.

The trouble with Hollywood, perhaps one of its many problems, is its continued whitewashing. From the actors we see onscreen to the writers and producers to the Academy itself, white, hetero, cis males run the show. It’s an issue with a long history that seems insistent on repeating itself.



On (Absent) Father’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day. I am grateful for my dad, who is still around and plays an active role in my life, and that of my children. I was mindful of all who no longer have a father around. This Tumblr comic was encouraging. I thought mostly about the children whose fathers are not there by choice. Sadly, there are many. Father’s Day weekend is tricky for single moms who are doing it on their own. It’s a day that brings up questions, and can be downright painful for kids who see the activities going on around them, and they are still left without their dad. It’s complicated. (more…)

I’m back…




Did you moose me?



Okay, I will put myself in time-out for that. I have some drafts in progress, one that will post today, and another tomorrow. I feel re-energized with renewed focus for my writing, and my creating in general. Things are still up in the air and hectic as ever in my life, but I feel like I just need to write and make art and express myself to get through it. I should be back to a 1-3 posts per week routine now. I have an exciting trip coming up so I will be absent for about 2 weeks, but I will have tons to write on (and pictures to share) once I return. I’ve also decided I need to not censor myself any longer. If it’s important to me, and especially if I feel it may help someone else, I’m going to talk about it. (See last post, yes, I’m still tackling that at times…)