I’m back…




Did you moose me?



Okay, I will put myself in time-out for that. I have some drafts in progress, one that will post today, and another tomorrow. I feel re-energized with renewed focus for my writing, and my creating in general. Things are still up in the air and hectic as ever in my life, but I feel like I just need to write and make art and express myself to get through it. I should be back to a 1-3 posts per week routine now. I have an exciting trip coming up so I will be absent for about 2 weeks, but I will have tons to write on (and pictures to share) once I return. I’ve also decided I need to not censor myself any longer. If it’s important to me, and especially if I feel it may help someone else, I’m going to talk about it. (See last post, yes, I’m still tackling that at times…)