Month: July 2013

“I just got out of Rikers Island…”

A few weeks back, I was walking around Union Square on a Friday night. At this particular moment, I did not have my headphones in my ears, something that is habit for me when I’m alone. I got stuck standing at a corner as the light changed and cars began zooming by in front of me. I heard a man say, “Excuse me miss,” and through the corner of my eye, saw him approaching. Normally, this would be my cue to walk faster. I had nowhere to go and he was already at my side, talking to me.

“I’m sorry to bother you,” he continues. I’m still contemplating my exit strategy and rolling my eyes as I turn to face him.

“I’m not a bum or nothing,” as he motions to a homeless man asking for change, “I just, I just got out of Rikers Island…” (more…)