Month: October 2013

Chris Brown and Cycles of Violence

[CN: sexual assault, molestation, domestic violence, criminalization of victims]

To be honest, I never thought I’d write anything about Chris Brown. October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and I had planned to touch on issues regarding domestic violence. So, it’s not entirely out of the realm that I’d mention him at all. However, this is a slightly different take on him and abuse than I had originally considered writing. I do have much more to say on domestic violence and will write two more articles this month on it. This story just happened to come my way this morning and I felt inclined to put my thoughts about it together.

I saw a tweet earlier linking to this article about Chris Brown and saying it was worth reading. I was hesitant, but for whatever reason, I went ahead and read it anyway. I’m glad I did. According to the piece, Brown apparently admitted to “losing his virginity” at age eight. Which, all of us know, is child sexual assault, and not “losing” one’s virginity. The person who assaulted him was a 14-15 year old teenage girl. It seems as if Brown has “owned” this and is making light of it, or at the very least painting it as any other childhood experience, quite matter-of-factly. So to some, this means it wasn’t actually rape and isn’t an issue he’s been dealing with for most of his life. That just isn’t so. (more…)