On Drunk Drivers

I Refuse to Shame Drunk Drivers

I wrote a response (link above) to those who are taking to Twitter to trash the driver in the horrible SXSW crash.

But you don’t get to shame this individual because you don’t know their lived experience. Are they self-medicating their mental health issues? Are they a binge drinker or an alcoholic? Are they grieving from a tragedy and using alcohol to numb themselves? Have they struggled to get sober? You don’t know any of these things. Save your judgement. Use the emotion you feel to help others. Donate blood. Speak to family members and friends about getting sober. Talk to your kids about the ramifications of drinking. Take action. Sitting around disparaging another human being, who made a mistake -even one that cost lives- doesn’t do a damn thing.

My heart goes out to those who were killed and injured in the crash. I cannot imagine what their family and friends are going through. My thoughts are also with the driver, who now has to face criminal charges and his own conscience. They may have a struggle toward sobriety ahead. I wish them all the luck. It is not easy.

If you find yourself reflecting on your drinking and want to get sober, please seek help. You cannot do it alone. Here are two links to start with:


Alcoholics Anonymous



  1. To bash a drunk driver is to not know what you’re talking about. Nobody goes out on purpose to risk or ruin or take any lives – including their own. Drinking inhibits judgment and when drunk, one does many ill-advised things, including getting behind the wheel. That’s just one of many big mistakes one can make. I’m so over the uneducated always mouthing off on this matter.

    Now, what I say is truth without any bias. If I ever lose someone at the hands of a drunk driver, I could take on a state of mind that changes my view. But I doubt it as my brain doesn’t work that way.

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