#MicroBlogMondays: What I Learned at #BinderCon


Believing in myself is the biggest barrier to my success.
Initiate it. Be assertive. Be persistent. (#OnlyGirl panel)
Need a mentor & a solid support system for my writing.
Develop your beat, know your stuff, take classes, study structure, be efficient. (Laura Shin)
Embrace my talents, respect myself and my expertise, remember I have a voice that needs to be heard.
Report, report, report. (Jill Abramson)
Claim the things you’re most ashamed of, put them out there, be fearless. (Lisa Selin Davis)
Own it! My work, my words, my worth.
Never work for free.

❥❥Thank you Leigh Stein and Lux Alptraum for putting together a phenomenal event!

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  1. I love “own it” and initiate. Though there are times when I think we should work for free in the sense of no pay. There are times when I’ve earned a lot more than money from a job; where the money was the object of lesser worth and could have been absent altogether for what I got out of the position.

    1. I agree! As an artist too, I see the good in providing for communities and bartering too. It was something I needed to hear with regard to my writing though, to raise how I see the value of my words. I don’t have to give them all away! I need to remember that. 🙂

  2. Oooh, I like these. I’m with Mel, in that I think sometimes working for no pay is necessary – but I’m someone who would do this too often, so the reminder not to work for free can be useful.

    1. I’m thinking maybe it should be “Never give your work away for nothing,” something along those lines… I do agree there are times when putting work out there for free is beneficial to your career or simply for yourself in whatever way you decide it is a good call.

      I need the reminder too! 🙂

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