#MicroblogMondays: The Name Game


Mel at Stirrup Queens (who is also responsible for #MicroblogMondays!) wrote today about the controversy surrounding our last names, if we do or don’t change them when we get married.

It took me nearly a year after I got married to change my last name. It just felt strange, so I kept putting it off. At the time, and I was young, no one mentioned I didn’t have to change my last name (people neglected to tell me all sorts of things about life back then). Eventually I found my way to the Social Security office and reluctantly erased my maiden name.

When I divorced, I decided to keep my last name to make it simpler for my kids. Now I feel like my last name doesn’t belong to me. It’s odd signing your name and feeling like you’re forging someone else’s signature. It’s also weird that my ex-husband’s new wife has the same exact name as me…

I’d like to start over and give myself a whole new name. One that feels like me. One that belongs to me.

Any and all suggestions welcome.



  1. I love the idea of taking on an entirely new name. I’d check a baby name book out of the library and start making a list of the ones that feel best to say aloud.

  2. You know, why not??? I imagine it feels extremely weird to still “wear” your ex’s last name… I don’t have the same last name as my kids and they don’t care. What about a family name from your side of the family? Maybe the name of someone you particularly love and feel connected to in your family tree?

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