#MicroblogMondays: Don’t Tell Me it’s Going to be Okay, Tell me it Sucks

My daughter had a physical therapy evaluation today and we received worrisome news. Nothing traumatic, her life isn’t in danger, nothing like that, but still, news that means more evaluations and therapy and hurdles for her to have to deal with. This sucks.

I know as I tell my loved ones the news, I’ll be met with their undoubtedly best intentions, and they’ll respond with “she’s tough, it will all be okay” and “it’s good you have some more answers now” or “well, now you know what direction to head in” etc. Fine. I appreciate their encouragement. I know it will all be okay. This kid is tough, she’s been poked and prodded, had tubes and lines in her, has overcome so much. I want her to have it easy. The fact that over 10 years into her life, she still is in pain and still in therapies and still sees too many specialists and still doesn’t have things easy, sucks.


My Supergirl

I know we’ll see the right specialists and tackle this like her and I have attacked so many other struggles before. Tonight though, I just want someone to tell me they get it. Acknowledge my frustration and hurt and fears for my little one. I don’t need to hear it will all be okay, tell me it sucks, because it does.

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  1. Oh love, it DOES suck. I can relate. We just got my son officially diagnosed on the autism spectrum and for years as we jumped through the hoops and the waiting lists and the OMG MAKE IT STOP testing and talking to psychologists, people would always be so chipper. There’s nothing WRONG with him! He’s so sweet! Blah blah blah. And it’d be like, yes, he is all these things. There IS nothing *wrong* with him. But these challenges are challenging and we need extra reserves of strength and creativity and patience to meet them. Sometimes, we don’t have any reserves of all. And I’m not just talking about the parents. These needs are tough on the kids, no matter how “cheerful” they seem.

    Anyway, long comment is long, but I wanted to tell you that I get it. I understand and I know that you’ll keep pushing forward because you need to. And that really, totally sucks.

    1. I must have just chopped some onions because my eyes are all misty. 😉 Thank you for this. Thank you for sharing that. Sometimes knowing someone else gets it, really, truly gets it, can make a world of difference. I can’t say more than that without rambling on senselessly. *hugs*

  2. “it sucks” is a very under-utilized way to empathize – it’s all I ever wanted to hear after pregnancy loss too. I am sorry your supergirl has to struggle. That really sucks.

    1. Thank you. I agree. And it’s simple too, people should use it more often! I’m sorry for what you went through. Sometimes there are no other words, except: that really sucks. ♡

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