We Three


It’s nearly Tuesday, but I’m going to treat this like a Microblog (it’s technically still Monday so…). My mother turned 70 recently and the girls and I painted this series for her. We chose the same colors for the background and picked the sea creatures we wanted to paint. I think we did an amazing job. I’m constantly impressed at the creativity and talents my two daughters possess. To be a witness as they blossom and grow continues to be the highest honor.

They are away visiting family and return in a couple of days. Time and space away is good for any relationship. There are outside stresses that have made this distance quite difficult at times. I know we’ll all be glad to be back together again. This triad of canvasses reminds me so much of us. We are all unique and different, we are our own, independent beings, yet when placed together, we flow beautifully.

I have so much to write about. Some time to myself helped nourish my creativity, as well as provide me with free time for some fun and to do some much-needed organizing. I do plan to be back here more regularly. I’ve been writing about cool things over at Nerdy But Flirty, check it out!


Whooligans in Brooklyn

A blast. That’s the only way to explain this past Saturday. Despite the humidity and accompanying sweat, it was a great, great day.

For starters, it involved me heading into the city, which is a place I love to wander off to. My first stop was the ESPO (one of my favorites!) show at the Joshua Liner Gallery. Check out this article for more pictures and background on the show. I met a new friend there and we visited a few of the other displays at the gallery.
From there, we ventured to Brooklyn in search of the Doctor Who mural. We arrived at the mural, studied it, took pictures, laughed a bit. We saw other Whovians stop and take pictures. From there, we were to find The Way Station, a bar with an actual T.A.R.D.I.S. (okay, it’s a restroom, but still!). This was where our adventure really began. Basically, we wandered all over Brooklyn, chatting and giggling, and veering off our map’s path several times. As we both agreed, it’s a good sign of the company you’re keeping when you have a destination in mind but due to conversation you keep missing the proper streets to get you there. We did eventually find The Way Station, had a look around and snapped some shots of their T.A.R.D.I.S.

Famished by this point, we found a vegan (such a thrill to hang out with someone who is also vegetarian!) asian restaurant. We had yummy spring rolls, Pad Thai, and ice cream. The good conversation continued. We decided to venture back towards Manhattan, where I’d eventually have to get back on the train. My new friend brought me to Forbidden Planet, a massive comic book shop I’ve wanted to check out for years now. I was in awe of it, it’s really an awesome place. I’ll be visiting there again shortly and writing a stand-alone post on it (that is how amazing a comic book shop it is!). After wandering Forbidden Planet, it was time for me to catch a subway back home so we parted ways.

Some random shots from the day.

I’m looking forward to more fun days with, finally, an IRL fellow Whovian and all-around geek!