Month: September 2013

Hello, Fall

Fall Tree

Fall is my favorite season. I don’t think anything gets much better than New York City in Autumn. Of course, rides in the country at this time of year are incredible too! Second to Fall would be Spring. I enjoy Winter and Summer, don’t get me wrong. I love playing in the snow, I’m still not too old (And hope I never will be!) to sled, build snow-Daleks (Yes, really.), or join in a snowball fight. In the Summer, I love the beach. Few things soothe me so much as the warm sun on my skin and the sound of waves hitting the shore. I love to collect shells and could float all day in the ocean. But it is Spring and Fall, with their comfortable temperatures and most beautiful of colors that I love best. Spring is when flowers blossom, and it seems like all is new once again. By the time the first blooms appear, I often think I can’t handle anymore Winter. The leaf-less trees, the grey skies, the bone-chilling cold… Then I’ll see a stalk of green sprouting up, maybe even a bud appear. It’s like nature has exhaled. I know warmer temperatures, brighter days, and new life are on their way. So I stick out the rest of Winter, and sometimes even miss my hat and scarf by the time Spring is in full-effect.  (more…)


Remembering Dr. King’s Message in Memphis

“And this can happen to America, the richest nation in the world-and nothing’s wrong with that-this is America’s opportunity to help bridge the gulf between the haves and the have-nots. The question is whether America will do it. There is nothing new about poverty. What is new is that we now have the techniques and the resources to get rid of poverty. The real question is whether we have the will.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Earlier this summer, I traveled from Ohio down through the south on a civil rights tour. I stopped at many important sites from the Civil Rights Movement; most left me speechless. One afternoon in particular I was filled with mixed emotions, mainly anger and confusion. (more…)

An Update…

I’m back with a couple of posts this week. They will most likely be political in nature, since I’ve been fired up by a lot of what’s going on lately (okay, like always!). I will also discuss what I did over the summer, and may continue to do, with the NWLC to persuade those against the Affordable Healthcare Act to reconsider. I’ve been absent from here, despite having much to write about, because I have been busy with all sorts of things. Summer is often good about that! This one found me on a long road trip with TK and his parents. I’ve detailed some of this trip here. I will be writing additional pieces there, about our trip and thoughts on the various stops; I will share them here as well. I have been doing some research to better supplement those pieces and will be publishing them within the next couple of months. The rest of the summer, I was staying busy with the kids. The break flew by, really. And so here I am once again…