Month: September 2012

Whooligans in Brooklyn

A blast. That’s the only way to explain this past Saturday. Despite the humidity and accompanying sweat, it was a great, great day.

For starters, it involved me heading into the city, which is a place I love to wander off to. My first stop was the ESPO (one of my favorites!) show at the Joshua Liner Gallery. Check out this article for more pictures and background on the show. I met a new friend there and we visited a few of the other displays at the gallery.
From there, we ventured to Brooklyn in search of the Doctor Who mural. We arrived at the mural, studied it, took pictures, laughed a bit. We saw other Whovians stop and take pictures. From there, we were to find The Way Station, a bar with an actual T.A.R.D.I.S. (okay, it’s a restroom, but still!). This was where our adventure really began. Basically, we wandered all over Brooklyn, chatting and giggling, and veering off our map’s path several times. As we both agreed, it’s a good sign of the company you’re keeping when you have a destination in mind but due to conversation you keep missing the proper streets to get you there. We did eventually find The Way Station, had a look around and snapped some shots of their T.A.R.D.I.S.

Famished by this point, we found a vegan (such a thrill to hang out with someone who is also vegetarian!) asian restaurant. We had yummy spring rolls, Pad Thai, and ice cream. The good conversation continued. We decided to venture back towards Manhattan, where I’d eventually have to get back on the train. My new friend brought me to Forbidden Planet, a massive comic book shop I’ve wanted to check out for years now. I was in awe of it, it’s really an awesome place. I’ll be visiting there again shortly and writing a stand-alone post on it (that is how amazing a comic book shop it is!). After wandering Forbidden Planet, it was time for me to catch a subway back home so we parted ways.

Some random shots from the day.

I’m looking forward to more fun days with, finally, an IRL fellow Whovian and all-around geek!


Last Monday

Last Monday, I was reunited with one of my best friends growing up (we lived down the street from one another!). I spent some time with him in Asheville this summer, and was so grateful to have even more time together last week. My fingers are crossed I’ll see him again soon. I was able to meet up with some great people I had met in Asheville as well, they are really incredible people. I also had the luck of making a new friend that night. Basically, last Monday was an awesome night. We all gathered to cheer my buddy on in hopes of him speaking at The Moth StorySLAM. It wasn’t to be, sadly. But we all enjoyed ourselves and cannot wait to see our friend take the stage next time!

These pictures tell the story of the night better than I could, so here goes…

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The Best Week Ever…??

Last week was my best week ever…on Twitter! I figured I’d start with a lighthearted post, just to get warmed up.

So yes, last week was an awesome week on Twitter. I have more to say on the matter of Twitter and Tumblr, but that’s for a later time.  So my BWE on Twitter started with a (not really legit, despite the hashtag!) proposal:

Later that day, a tweet from Dan Harmon (yes, THAT Dan Harmon) came my way. I was squealing all over the internet…

And then a couple days later, came a wonderful improv of my favorite Doctor Who episode with a new friend (it went on for over two hours, I was delighted):


I thank all these great people, some who I know thanks to the internet, some who I know of thanks to television and movies, some who I’ve only just met. They gave me extra smiles this week, and that is always welcome. What does this week hold for me?


*I kept all tweets & their names, since all of these tweets are public.

Lots to tell…

I’m back. I realize I had looked at my blog (& others in the past) as a task, and ultimately something that belonged to others, not me. I realize it’s mine, whether I write here or not, that’s up to me. Whether I share a funny story, some pictures, or something more meaningful, it’s my decision. So, that has made wanting to come and get my thoughts out much more appealing. I traveled this summer, and have stories of my adventures to tell. It was a beautiful journey and I’ll be sharing about it in the coming weeks. Nice to be back. And even nicer to not feel it’s obligatory. Thanks for stopping by!

Social media

Social media is such an interesting thing to me. Whether it be Facebook, where I maintain contact with family and old friends or the looser, more fun outlets like Twitter and Tumblr, I’m enthralled by it all. Through the latter, I’ve met others and also have kept in touch with people I’ve been friends with IRL for a while. Tumblr serves two purposes for me, on my “funblr,” I post silly stuff, things I like, things I’m passionate about, sometimes a stream-of-conciencse via gifs way to express myself. It’s my emotional dumping ground, I suppose. A lazy girl’s diary. On my other Tumblr, it’s an easy way for me to share my photos and art, and also to get to know other artists.

Twitter has done the same–introducing me to people and places in the arts field. I’v e learned of new jobs and other work-related assistance on it. Best of all, I’ve met some really awesome people. Strange to say it, but a handful of them have become great friends to me. And we’ve never even met face to face. That’s the insanity of our modern world. You are longer stuck to try and fit in and be friends with those in your zip code. I’ve found people to connect with, all over the world even. It’s definitely the gift of social media. I find it a bigger benefit than the negatives that can come along with our lives being displayed on the Internet.