Month: January 2012

On Hibernating, Clowns, and Photographs

I haven’t hibernated. Although with the colder temperatures and winds lately here in the tri-state area, it’s something I have considered! I find myself busy with some freelance work that involves writing and editing, that at the end of the day (aka 2 a.m.) the last thing I want to do is type. I haven’t read a book for pleasure in so long it’s almost pathetic.  I’m in transition mode and sorting out my schedule. Until I’m settled, things will be a bit crazy and posts here will be erratic.

 On a completely unrelated note, I saw this van at a stoplight once in Texas. I don’t like clowns. So naturally, I took a picture of it. That’s what I do. Sure, I take pictures of memorable times, the holidays, kids doing cute things, etc. However, if you were to browse my phone right now, you’d see more of a jumble of odd pictures. There’d be nature shots, bottle caps, buildings, everything and nothing. I tend to prefer to only take a shot or two at an event, say something special with family. You have to take at least a couple photos, right? But the rest of the time, I prefer to be a participant. I’d rather have the memories in my head for as long as my brain keeps them.

So I pull out my phone (or camera, if I happen to have mine handy) when anything interests me. Or reminds me of someone (If you’re my friend, chances are you’ve received a text or email with a photo attached of something that made me think of you or I knew you’d appreciate.). Or humors me. Or confuses me. Or in this case, creeps me out. I can’t imagine what someone would think if they found my phone, or saw any of my folders of images. What would they think? Would they possibly be able to piece together a story about me by those pictures alone? If so, would it be at all accurate?

While I ponder that, and everything else in the world, I will continue to write here. Little by little, all that I want to get out will get there. In the meantime, come find me on Twitter or Tumblr.


My First Time

I went for my first motorcycle ride yesterday. It was a crisp and sunny day, we rode around northern New Jersey and it was beautiful. When the ride first began, I’ll admit I was a bit nervous, but I trusted my friend who was driving. I quickly learned to give up all control and just move along with him as he drove the bike. As someone who desires to be in control of moving vehicles most of the time and who tends to be a bit stubborn, it was a lesson in trust and in letting go. It is every bit true, those who say riding is motorcycle is the definition of freedom. I loved it.

As we rode, this song was stuck in my head (which, of course could have been from a result of seeing Gogol Bordello the night before for New Year’s) and it was beautiful:


A stop at Whole Foods for some soup and warm sandwiches to warm up was perfect. We’d have driven around all day if I didn’t have obligations to get to. Such is life.

Me, on the bike months before my first ride